About the PTO

What is the PTO? It’s the Lincoln-Eliot Parent Teacher Organization. ALL parents and guardians of students at Lincoln-Eliot are members of the PTO. We work with the teachers and principal to support and strengthen our school in a number of ways. Our activities accomplish three things:

  • Raise money to benefit the school and our children
  • Build Community
  • Serve as an important communication channel between the school and you

We fund an amazing array of important things that our school system does not, including:

  • Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) enrichment programs that include a variety of artists, musicians, scientists, and writers from around the world.
  • Field trip transportation
  • Fun family nights like the Halloween Dance, Family Science Fair, International Night      
  • Library books & support, technology needs and much more

Our funding comes from a combination of PTO donations and fundraisers we conduct throughout the year.

The PTO brings the school together to have fun as well as raise money. This year, we will organize events including the Halloween Dance, Family Science Night and International Night. We acknowledge our faculty and staff with stipends, gifts and cards. When L-E families need help, we come to their aid by soliciting donations.

You’ll learn about events and school news through the weekly e-bulletin and various flyers and announcements. You can also keep up to date on lepto.org and our Facebook page.

Our PTO meetings are held every month at the school. All parents/guardians and faculty are welcome and we provide childcare at evening meetings. Meetings are a great way to meet people and to hear first-hand about what is going on at Lincoln-Eliot from our principal as well as from teachers and other staff members.